Terraform 0.11.x to 0.12.3

At Relay42 we rely heavily on Terraform for both our infrastructure on AWS and our monitoring in Datadog. Like the most of users of Terraform, we have been waiting long for the new release which brings a lot of changes: Terraform 0.12 is a major update that includes dozens of improvements and features spanning the breadth […]

Spring + Lombok + @Qualifier or injection just became a bit easier (Part 2 of 2)

How to make Lombok copy @Qualifier on generated constructors for a Spring Component/Service In the previous part of my blogpost I mentioned that it is now possible to actually add @Qualifier to a field in Spring-wired class and it’d be properly wired. Without further ado: @Service @RequiredArgsConstructor public class SomeRouterService { @NonNull private final DispatcherService […]

UI Bootstrap $modal: get list of all opened modals

Ui-bootstrap is a wonderful Swiss-army knife for any javascript developer that wants to get things looking sleek and get going fast. Name whatever you need: calendars, fancy buttons, collapsible content, tooltips, modals (popups); this collection of libraries delivers. $modal is a widely used service to create dialogs/popups and its usage is very straightforward, However, the […]

Using an Axon Saga in a Spring app

In a previous post I briefly mentioned the wonderful Axon library and promised to provide a closer look at its features. Here is a long overdue closer look on Sagas. Sagas Axon has the notion of a Saga,  a complex and long-lasting business transaction. Take, for example, the following situation: you have a user and this […]

A fully Angular Dynatree Implementation

Recently I have been fiddling with Angular and have noticed that there are not many tree directives around, or they are very basic.  AngularJsTree is one fully angular tree, but it was too hard to configure and we have already been using Dynatree largely in our app, so we weren’t actually looking forward to convetring our tree […]

CQRS, a look into Axon, getting started

Recently I have been busy developing an app using (among others) the wonderful Axon library. Axon is an implementation of the CQRS pattern, and a pretty good at that. Axon and CQRS, a first look The nice thing about Axon and CQRS is that you are completely in control over your db schema. Let’s say you […]